Welcome to Sleep Revolution. Our name summarises our mission; to revolutionise the sleep experience by producing beds that enhance and improve the quality of sleep. For over 30 years we have lived and breathed beds, and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in our sector, both in manufacturing and retail. We have the drive, the knowledge and passion to excel at what we do, and it is this passion that places us at the forefront of our industry.

Our people are our pride and make us who we are. Our design team are from amongst the most innovative in the world, perfecting manufacturing techniques that produce beds for the ‘rest’ of your life. Using the latest technology, state of the art machinery and a team of skilled and dedicated men and women, we have made it our business to produce beds and mattresses that will transform your sleep experience one night at a time.

Our range is small but meticulously planned, and we have paid attention to detail as we believe in quality not quantity.

We care… A family run business with ample industry knowledge; we take pride in combining professionalism and quality with our personal touch.